Guardian Headline Analyser

I created a data analyser for Guardian headlines a while back for CS50x on edx.
Its a “web app” built using HTML, PHP (& a little Javascript).

I originally wanted to build an analyser for twitter but their OAuth was a pain in the ass to understand, and since twitter seems to be contemplating changing their login protocols, I decided against putting so much effort to make an app work for a few months before the new protocols are put into place.

So, instead, I went for the much more user/developer-friendly Guardian API
I also did a video demo (mainly to fulfill the requirements for CS50x)

Basically, it does 3 things
1. Churns out the 100 most common words in the headlines
2. Plots a graph of the number of articles for each month
3. Draws a pie chart for the percentage of “sections” the articles came from

If you’re interested to play with it,
The code & instructions on how to use it can be found on my GitHub

The code & the language may not be the most efficient one(s) but I’m pretty proud of making it, especially since I just picked up coding 2-3months before (via CS50x).

Lastly, some screenshots:
Guardian Analyser Intro
Guardian Analyser Search


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